The flying flight deck

Once landed on the water, the SG4 transforms into a floating pier also capable of helicopter or small (Harrier size) VSTOL aircraft operations. The duck tail aft section traps air during low speed landing approach. The blended wing body main fuselage sports huge leading edge flaps that help sustain lift during the nose-up landings, as does the high top wing, which generates lift near stall speeds and keeps four of the main engines well above sea spray splash. The two far forward engines are well-distanced from the tail-dragger touchdown points, which we see are the hydrofoil style split hulls.

The SG4

300 ft wingspan

Six 110,000 horsepower engines, the front two engines capable of deflecting thrust 90 degrees downward. The SG4 lands at a speed of 75 knots with a nose-up inclination of 27 degrees.

A Heavy Lifter VSTOL Seaplane

Capable of taking 500 metric tons of relief supplies to a beach anywhere in 18 hours.